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Forensics investigates electronic traces of fraud, corruption, violation of laws and regulations and conducts cyber security investigations. The answers are sometimes found in the deepest clues of computer systems or software and can just make the difference in major investigations. Your work is exciting, challenging and often unpredictable.

You use structured, unstructured and system data for our computer forensics, eDiscovery and incident response analysis. You also solve complex (big) data issues in (inter) national context. This is what you do with state-of-the-art technology. You are always looking for new products and possibilities to apply the latest techniques, using more and more artificial intelligence.

You provide support in special investigations using cigital forensic expertise in combination with knowledge of financial systems. You often work in small teams on ever-changing assignments, including internationally. In addition, you work closely with forensic accountants, our (inter) national clients and their lawyers.

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Brigitte Bekenkamp

Brigitte Bekenkamp

Campusrecruiter Cybersecurity, Forensics & Privacy, PwC Netherlands

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