Be well, work well

Your well-being is our top priority. That's why at PwC you can get the best out of yourself and enjoy life to the full. At PwC you can be yourself because that’s important to coming up with the best solutions together. Read on and find out what PwC can do for your well-being! 

Individual well-being budget

PwC sees your well-being as something specific to you. That is why we offer an annual well-being budget that you can spend on products and services that will help you improve your well-being on the dimensions outlined above. They include: coaching, mindfulness, an activity tracker, sports and wellness.

Company Fitness

Through PwC you can work out at one of the many affiliated gyms – including Basic Fit, TrainMore and SportCity – at an affordable price. It is also possible to work out at Fit20 at our office in Amsterdam. 

Training courses

Our online learning environment gives you access to a wide range of training courses. There are training courses that teach you more about how to set priorities, make the best use of your energy and keep an eye on your work-life balance.

Well-being app

PwC has developed the Digital Well-being app to support your well-being each and every day. This app gives you access to videos and articles that inspire you to work on your well-being. We offer online meditation exercises, yoga classes and workouts, for example. The app also keeps you informed of all well-being activities.

Home office

We at PwC take a hybrid approach to work. That means you can work from home a few days a week. An ergonomic home office is something we take seriously. That is why we loan you an electric sit-stand desk or a desk riser, an office chair and a keyboard. You can also order noise-cancelling headphones and a second monitor from your well-being budget.

Team activities

Fun and educational well-being activities are regularly organised in various departments so that you can work together with colleagues on your well-being. They include: cycling tours, sleep workshops, focus workshops and health checks. 

Monthly themes

Each month PwC focuses on a well-being theme. Around these themes, we organise low-threshold well-being activities the entire organisation can take part in. Some examples: speed dating with a dietician, interesting webinars and health checks.

Discover the five dimensions of well-being


This includes all aspects of your physical well-being. These include diet, exercise, rest and breathing.


How do you see the world and what influences your perceptions, feelings and reactions? It's about your internal story. The story you tell yourself about your life and experiences.


Your cognitive ability, particularly in making choices and decisions, focusing on the task at hand, managing your time and applying critical thinking.


The degree of the balance you experience between what is most important to you personally and how you work and live. It is where your sense of personal purpose comes from.


The degree to which you can meet your current and ongoing financial obligations and are able to make choices to get the best out of your life.