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Understanding accounting standards is one thing, applying them in practice can be complex. Especially if your company is involved in complex transactions, applying IFRS can be challenging. The training courses of the Academy are designed to help you take on this challenge and provide you with the insights that you require to successfully apply IFRS in practice.

Update and increase your accounting knowledge efficiently by attending our IFRS masterclasses. We offer concise, practical, high quality, accredited training courses. Recent developments and examples from our daily practice are part of the programme. All our instructors have extensive experience in the practical application of IFRS and enable you to implement them in your organisation. The use of these practice-hardened instructors also ensures that our training courses remain up to date and cover the recent and upcoming developments in IFRS.

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The subjects covered include in particular the new standards almost all of the topics that companies encounter when applying IFRS. They range for example from revenue from contracts with customers to specific accounting rules related to financial instruments and consolidation. You may subscribe to masterclasses or to separate masterclasses you deem relevant.

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IFRS 16: Leases

Before the classroomsession participants receive an e-learn ‘Leasing Standard’:
Upon completion of this module, you will be able to understand the impact and the basics of the new standard, to understand and apply the measurement principles of a lease liability, to determine how the right-of-use asset is calculated, and to apply the transition rules and the main disclosures upon transition.

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In January 2016 the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued IFRS 16, ‘Leases’, and thereby started a new era of lease accounting – at least for lessees! Whereas, under the previous guidance in IAS 17, Leases, a lessee had to make a distinction between a finance lease (on balance sheet) and an operating lease (off balance sheet), the new model requires the lessee to recognise a lease liability reflecting future lease payments and a ‘right-of-use asset’ for almost all lease contracts; the only optional exemptions are for certain short-term leases and leases of low-value assets. For lessees that have entered into contracts classified as operating leases under IAS 17, this could have a significant impact on the financial statements. At first, the new standard will affect balance sheet and balance sheet-related ratios such as the debt/equity ratio. Aside from this, IFRS 16 will also impact the income statement, due to the recognition of interest expense on the lease liability capitalised and depreciation of the ‘right-of-use’ asset (that is, the asset that reflects the right to use the leased asset).

Implementation of the new standard includes many challenges such as the measurement of the lease liability, data collection, system implementation and internal process redesign, to name a few.

During this masterclass, we will discuss the main differences to the former accounting requirements, measurement requirements for the lease liability and the right-of-use asset, and the transitional provisions. It is important that companies understand the challenges of this new standard, so that they are ready for smooth implementation.

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For whom?

The IFRS masterclasses are for professionals with a background in finance in an accounting, reporting and/or controlling role and for everyone else who is interested in the practical application of IFRS 16. Basic accounting knowledge and experience is required to use the knowledge offered during these masterclasses to its utmost.

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Who are the trainers?

The trainers are professionals and members of the PwC Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services (CMAAS) group who assists numerous clients with IFRS transition projects and/or complex IFRS accounting topics.

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