IFRS e-learnings for banks

Relevant IFRS themes. Anytime, anywhere.

A good understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) is crucial to the financial reporting process of IFRS reporters. Banks in particular have to cope with specific and complex IFRS themes. PwC has developed a comprehensive IFRS e-learning program tailored for banks in order to meet the banking industry’s need.

PwC’s unique IFRS e-learning program aims to create a solid IFRS understanding, focusing on bank specific topics. Accordingly, the IFRS e-learning program covers IFRS fundamentals with a strong focus on IFRS 9 ‘Financial Instruments’, effective as of January 1, 2018, and other banking relevant IFRSs. The overview below sets out the full program as of financial year 2018/2019. Please note that this program may be amended to reflect emerging, bank relevant, topics.

Why IFRS e-learnings for banks?

Banks have expressed a need to increase the knowledge of their global employees with respect to IFRS developments. Together with our clients, we identified relevant topics and the preferred learning mechanism: e-learning. This will allow banks to update their (global) workforce on IFRS developments that are relevant to their industry, at relatively low costs. Anytime, anywhere.

IFRS e-learning modules may also be combined with classroom sessions in a blended learning model. Participants take the IFRS e-learning modules beforehand, allowing more time for covering practical issues during the classroom session.


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Target audience

PwC’s IFRS e-learning program is specifically designed for financial and risk functions within banks. The IFRS e-learning program is of interest to those working within amongst others Financial Reporting, Internal Audit, Risk, Controlling, ALM / Treasury, Account Management and Tax.

Subject Matter Education

The IFRS subject matter experts within our Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services group (“CMAAS”) have designed the IFRS e-learning modules together with learning experts. In designing the IFRS e-learning modules, CMAAS focused on the relevance and impact of IFRS, in theory and in practice, specifically for banks.

Permanent Education

PwC’s IFRS e-learning program meets the requirements for Permanent Education of The Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (“NBA”). For most IFRS e-learning modules, participants receive one PE hour each. We are happy to discuss whether our IFRS e-learning modules meet country specific permanent education requirements.


We offer two pricing models:

  1. Unlimited Acces
    • Full package: Access to complete programme (19 e-learns in total) for a fixed fee of EUR 55,000.
    • IFRS 9 package: Access to 8 IFRS 9 e-learnings for a fixed fee of EUR 20,000 (An additional module can be added for a EUR 3,750 one time fee).
      • The e-learnings modules are incorporated in your own Learning Management System. This will allow you to provide a one-stop shop for your global workforce
      • Unlimited number of users for an unlimited period.
      • The e-learning modules will be updated/maintained by PwC until 30-06-2021. You will receive updates and/or new releases.
  2. Pay per user
    • Full package: EUR 225 per user for 19 e-learns subject to a minimum purchase number of 25 users.
    • IFRS 9 package: EUR 85 per user for 8 IFRS 9 e-learns subject to a minimum purchase number of 50 users.
      • Users access the e-learning modules on our Learning Management System (free of charge).
      • Participants will have access for an unlimited period.
      • The e-learning modules will be updated/maintained by PwC until 30-06-2021. Updates and/or new releases are made available through our LMS.

Learning Management System

Should you choose for unlimited access to the IFRS e-learning module, we will provide you with the IFRS e-learning modules to be incorporated in your own Learning Management System (“LMS”). Alternatively, we offer you the use of our LMS, free of charge, if you wish to make use of the pay per registration pricing structure


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