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Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can create data such as images, videos, audio, text and 3D models. It does so by recognising patterns in existing data and using this knowledge to generate new and unique output. This will give you, for instance, more and faster insights into the needs of your existing and potential clients. Generative AI can also help you as a company to achieve cost savings and efficiency improvements in aspects such as operations, marketing & sales, IT & engineering, risk and legal matters, tax issues and research & development.

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How to extract real value from GenAI?

The immense potential for the value that GenAI would add is causing shockwaves in various industries. In PwC's 27th Annual Global CEO Survey, 70% of CEOs indicated that they expect GenAI to bring significant changes to how their organization creates, delivers, and captures value in the next 3 years. Over 67% of the surveyed CEOs who have already implemented some form of GenAI in their organization stated that as a result, they had adjusted their technology strategy; they are now investing, implementing, and integrating technology differently to gain a competitive advantage.

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Forecast Plus Insights: AI-Driven planning and forecasting

In today's dynamic world, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) need to transform their planning and forecasting. The solution to automating the conventional time-consuming planning and forecasting activities and navigating the ever-changing conditions lies in the advanced capabilities of Forecast Plus Insights.

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CEOs see both major opportunities and risks in GenAI.

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Tackling every step of your AI journey

Responsible AI

Now that capabilities of AI change daily, it is crucial that your organisation use AI in a responsible manner. We call this Responsible AI. Because AI can operate with increasing autonomy, unwanted risks can arise. With Responsible AI you keep those risks manageable. And ensure that you can explain to your clients, supervisory authorities and other stakeholders that your AI application functions in a safe, meticulous and responsible manner.

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Generative AI

Generative AI generates new data based on existing data. With generative AI, you can create sound, text, imagery, videos and virtual worlds. Consider for instance the capabilities of ChatGTP. The power of Generative AI will only continue to expand, which will change business models and whole business sectors. Generative AI provides support for human decision-making processes, can increase productivity and reduce costs. We help you ensure Generative AI contributes to your organisational goals and functions in a way that suits your organisation.

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AI Strategy (strategy & business solutions)

AI solutions can increase productivity in your organisation, allowing you to do more work with less capacity. Solutions can also help anticipate issues such as customer behaviour, medical diagnoses and financial planning. AI will more and more be part of the solution. But solving problems is just the beginning. Long-term success requires an AI-aligned strategy. We can help you set it up and implement it.

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AI Lab being Human-Led and Tech-Powered

Our AI Lab is equipped to help you navigate and drive your transformation. Through our commitment to innovation, we offer a space to explore, interact, and learn about AI and its impact on your business. By understanding yours and the industry’s challenges, opportunities and trends, our Community of Solvers, AI experts and Tech Alliance Partners are here to create responsible and value driven AI opportunities together with you.

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AI Events

We regularly organize generative AI events, specifically designed for key decision-makers in various sectors. Our events focus on the latest generative AI solutions, emerging challenges, and innovative solutions to give your company a head start.

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Make Generative AI work for you

The impact of Generative AI on society and business will be substantial in the coming years. And the same applies to your company. The expanding possibilities will also improve its range and ease of use. Generative AI ensures that the development and application of new AI options is no longer limited to data scientists – companies like yours will be able to create their own solutions too.

The speed and productivity that Generative AI provides for knowledge work will save you both time and money. Your employees will be able to focus on activities which require more human skills, such as maintaining relationships with clients. Thanks to the expected explosion in the use of AI, your organisation will be able to rapidly transform. Nonetheless, it is important to stay aware of risks such as security, privacy, bias, ethics and reputational damage.

Building up and preserving the trust of your stakeholders – including the Executive Board, clients and regulators – requires your organisation to use AI in a responsible way. Generative AI is no exception. You must constantly be able to prove that you are monitoring data and performance, and that your company responds to issues resulting from interaction between man and machine, such as the loss of jobs or unintended algorithm results.

Speeding up automation and enhancement

Generative AI can automate and improve aspects of nearly all your operational activities, varying from customer service to software development and data analysis. Examples include:

  • Improving how you deal with clients by allowing for self-service and providing everyone with the best possible interaction experience.
  • Automating major tasks such as processing insurance claims and communication or software development activities.
  • Simplifying work for your teams by organising all unstructured data related to invoices, client feedback, policy and performance assessments, and presenting them in a comparative way.

‘Nearly all business leaders say their company will prioritise at least one AI initiative in the short term.’

Source: PwC Trust Survey 2023

How PwC can support you

As a company you will be looking to convert the potential of Generative AI into concrete products and services as quickly as possible to underpin future growth. Leveraging on our dedicated approach, far-reaching sector experience and technical know-how, PwC can help identify which aspects can be improved by Generative AI and train the right models for long-term value.

Our human-led, tech-powered approach forms the basis for utilising the opportunities provided by Generative AI. Together with you, our tech alliances and academic institutions, we create solutions that help reform parts of your organisation. We provide support in identifying ‘use cases’ and in designing and building applications that better facilitate your clients and employees. While doing so, we maintain a focus on governance, privacy, security and ethics, and ensure everything is integrated within your organisation in a responsible way.

Generative AI Business Solutions
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