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Guidance on sustainable development

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many people’s view of the world. We have witnessed the benefits of digitalisation, but there has also been greater appreciation for the people who work within organisations. Our definition of ‘good companies’ has changed and we have come to value effective and strong government action.

Trust plays a central role. Trust that is inextricably linked to sustainable development. But this sounds easier than it actually is. There are no ready-made solutions for the challenges we are currently facing. In most cases, it is about trying to find the right balance.

Then, it's nice to have someone to lean on. Someone who has seen it before, has more experience, is able to answer questions and even take care of things for you. That is the guidance PwC can offer.

Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we are able to use a wide range of ideas, views and perspectives to help our customers and other stakeholders. So, let’s create tomorrow.

Environmental Footprint Insights

Guidance on reducing your ecological footprint

We can take the first step towards a better climate by becoming a better version of ourselves. By doing small things every day, which allow us to play a role in reducing our CO2 emissions. For example, by critically evaluating our travel habits. And always asking ourselves if we need to get in our cars for a particular appointment or need to fly for a certain business trip. Can we do things in a more sustainable manner, for example, by travelling by train, electric car or even bike? Or perhaps an online meeting will suffice on this occasion?

PwC has developed Environmental Footprint Insights to help your employees to make conscious decisions about their travel habits. This app helps your employees to reduce their personal CO2 footprint; something that is good for your organisation, your customers and everyone else. This means your organisation can make an important contribution to reducing global CO2 emissions.

Reduce your ecological footprint

Guidance on social topics


The degree of impact on the environment and society is important for companies to remain competitive. Together we can work on transforming your company to a sustainable organisation. We offer guidance, among other things, in adjusting your strategy to the ESG themes.

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Future of work

The way we work is changing radically under the influence of technology. The corona crisis has only accelerated that process. Organisations therefore require new skills from their employees. How do you adjust your HR policy accordingly? We can help you with your workforce strategy.

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Future of finance

Technologies such as robotisation, data analysis and machine learning are rapidly bringing the financial function of the future closer. But what choices do you make in this transformation and how do you ensure the right skills? We offer guidance in these challenges.

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Risk & regulation

To be prepared for the unexpected, it is important that your organisation is resilient. In this way you can not only respond more quickly to new laws and regulations, but also to a global pandemic or cyber attack, for example. We are happy to support you in your approach to the risks of tomorrow's world.

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