Transforming customer engagement with speech intelligence

With the use of second generation speech intelligence we can truly unlock the full potential of human-to-human interaction. Being able to decipher relations between conversation and business metrics starts with understanding what the customer really needs. Reducing costs and workload stress and improving compliance in interaction centers and beyond.

Client insights by speech intelligence

Together with Contexta360 we help our clients to unlock the full potential of their customer data and customer interactions using second generation speech intelligence technology. Automating mundane and costly tasks such as logging calls and transcribing their content is just the tip of the iceberg. In today’s world a lot of data is not captured or not analysed, leading to a lot of hidden insights in data. The need to identify broken processes and operational inefficiencies is considered order of the day. However more complex cases such as voice vibration as predictor for customer churn or sentiment detection to identify cross and upsell opportunities are not analyzed. Spoken natural language is much more subtle than just a succession of words. Every word, every silence, every emphasis, and every tone means something.


Contexta360 is an AI-driven speech intelligence company designed for organizations seeking to know and serve their customers better. Their speech analytics platform helps organizations capture voice, chat and video conversations across multiple languages and transcribes it into text. Then, it analyzes the transcriptions for sentiment, topic, context, compliance, effectiveness and customer experience, generating actionable insights for their clients and building a 360-degree view of customer interaction.

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Timo Koenen

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