Front Office Transformation

All industries are facing an unprecedented level of change driven by regulation, cost and new competitors. But it is changing customer expectations and demand for new digitally enabled experiences that is creating the most fundamental need for transformation.

The rapid shift to cloud and the emergence of ecosystems have materially lowered the barriers to this change, and eg the Salesforce platform in particular is accelerating the pace of innovation with integrated omni-channel, machine learning and analytics capabilities.

The opportunities new technologies nowadays present to organizations to transform their distribution, marketing and service functions, across every customer touchpoint, is significant, but requires a customer centric, agile approach to design, implementation and change delivery.

What if digital enabled something more human? What if it helped us make better decisions, big and small?


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B2B Commerce Quickstart Webinar

Before Covid-19 we already saw the trend in the B2B sector that companies are more often represented online. Covid-19 accelerates this trend. In this webinar we will discuss the trends we see in the B2B sector and how you, if you are not yet represented online, can deal this.

How do you future-proof your front office against the certainty of uncertain change?

PwC’s portfolio of Front Office Transformation solutions rethinks the way people connect, transact and engage with your company. We offer a modernized service platform that delivers a connected, customer-centric experience through seamless engagement. Our pre-built technology and innovative assets help you build customer loyalty, drive growth, increase productivity, and inspire and engage your workforce.

At PwC, we accelerate value through best-in-class digital enablement

How can we help?

For your front office transformation, we combine in-depth knowledge of your sector with our broad experience with commercial excellence and omnichannel customer engagement. We bring this together with the best technological solutions from all major providers. In addition, we ensure that your people function optimally in the transformed organization. From strategy to implementation, this is how we help you with front office transformation.

BXT approach

PwC’s BXT method combines Business management, customer eXperience, and Technology. In our specially designed Experience Centre in Amsterdam, companies and organizations can find out what impact the digital transformation will have for their customers and employees.

Based on your strategic agenda we bring together experts from various angles/disciplines. Whether they are strategy or transformational specialists, customer experience designers, data analysts, cyber security experts or tech consultants. They work seamlessly together with you – from strategy to execution.

That’s what we call our BXT approach: a combination of Business, eXperience and Technology.

"PwC's mission is to help companies innovate and increase growth. Our Alliance ecosystem does just that by allowing us to take your company to the next level."

Timo Koenen, frontoffice-transformatie partner PwC

Our services

Interaction with customers, employees and partners has never been easier thanks to digital technologies. But in today's fast-moving digital world, investing in technology is not enough. Putting people at the center  of digital transformation initiatives is crucial for businesses being able to create enthusiasm for the new ways of working and ultimately being able to meet their unique customer needs, business processes and management mandates to gain a competitive advantage to create.

Tech alliances

Growing your business in today's disrupted and ever-changing world can be though. Customers are demanding faster, more personalized user experiences. Business processes that once were cumbersome can now be automated. Operational efficiency has become paramount.

Your business transformation needs are why we've developed strong alliances with a number of technology firms. By combining PwC's expertise and our Alliance partners' technology, we can help you solve your most critical business issues. Whatever your focus - moving to the Cloud, greater innovation, or business transformation - PwC and our Alliance partners are here to help.

More about our tech alliances

Speech intelligence

With the use of second generation speech intelligence we can truly unlock the full potential of human-to-human interaction. Being able to decipher relations between conversation and business metrics starts with understanding what the customer really needs. Reducing costs and workload stress and improving compliance in interaction centers and beyond.

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