Blockchain Experience Lab

Experimenting with Blockchain, in co-creation with industry experts - low risk, low cost, on the edge of the organization. That is what the Blockchain Tribe does at the Blockchain Experience Lab! Embracing the lean startup way of working, where three Squads co-developed four proof of concepts. Want to learn more? Click on the items in this 'blockchain' and discover!


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Sander Kranenburg

Partner, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)65 386 48 71

Jeroen B. van Hoof

Senior Manager, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)61 211 68 24

Krista Koeleman

Manager, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)68 360 83 93

Einte van der Wal

Partner, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)88 792 49 66

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