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Taxation: part of corporate social responsibility

The discussion about ‘sustainable tax’ is not new, but the COVID-19 crisis has put the spotlight on this. "The societal pressure on companies and organisations to deal responsibly with taxation and to contribute to sustainable development has only increased as a result of the crisis," says PwC expert Dave Reubzaet.

According to Reubzaet, the business community is increasingly aware that a wide group of stakeholders has expectations about business operations and therefore also tax behaviour. Anyone who does not meet this requirement not only runs a reputational risk, but also loses the connection with society. Dave Reubzaet: "Covid underlines the importance of sustainable development. And this also includes sustainable tax management.”


From tax as the responsibility of one department ...

  • Taxation is the domain of tax professionals.

  • Tax strategy is not linked to the sustainable business strategy.

  • Tax planning without a social lens.

  • Stakeholders do not ask for reporting on the tax strategy. tax governance in a social context

  • A broader group is involved in taxation, including departments like Sustainability, Risk, Audit and Communications.

  • Taxation is a subject that is supported by and for which responsibility is taken at the level of the board of directors.

  • After a dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders, a well-considered tax strategy is established that matches the organisation’s purpose, values, business strategy and sustainability objectives.

  • Organizations report transparently on the tax strategy and its implementation and are in this way accountable to their stakeholders.

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