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Customer Experience: really stepping into the customer's shoes

For many organizations, the coronavirus crisis will cause them to rethink how customers interact with them and how they experience these interactions. “Organizations that have always given thought to their customer experience have been less affected by the crisis than organizations that only recently started thinking about this”, says PwC expert Berry Driessen.

Customer experience is not only about the direct, online or physical, contacts, but also involves the indirect contacts, such as opinions of others via reviews, blogs or social media. It relates to all steps in the customer journey. Berry Driessen: "If the crisis has taught us one important lesson, it is that really stepping into the customer’s shoes is becoming increasingly important.”

From digital channel...

  • The Covid-19 crisis is a major driver behind the development of an online sales channel.
  • Organizations with good online sales channels are less affected by the crisis or have done reasonably well.
  • Digital customer experience is based on continuous availability, self-service and convenience.
  • Online strategies are based on the principle of multi-channel or omni-channel: deploying different distribution channels side by side or in an integrated way to get in touch with customers or sell products. opti-channel

  • New dimensions have been added to the physical customer experience: safety and waiting times. Organizations such as museums, theme parks, restaurants, but also retailers must use the available space and entrances creatively. Extending opening hours may also be an option to consider.
  • The ‘human touch’ is more important than ever, both physically and online, particularly as people have been in isolation and perceptions may be fueled by fear and nervousness.
  • Organizations should think about  other ways to get their products or services to their customers: via online channels, for example, but also via ‘remote experiences’ by using virtual reality technology.
  • Shift from multi-channel to ‘opti- -channel’: which channel is the most important for different target groups in different phases of the buying process (awareness, orientation, decision).
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