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What can we do differently after Covid-19?

The Covid-19 crisis is leaving deep marks in people’s lives, as well as in society and the economy. We are still in the middle of trying to reduce the impacts as much as we can. Meanwhile, it is good to have a picture of what things we might reconsider as we are moving into a new reality. What can we do to create sustainable progress?

Given the scale, severity, duration and measures taken so far, the effects of the current Covid-19 pandemic will likely reverberate for much longer than we may foresee right now. What the world will look like later and how our lives will have changed is still unclear. However, the crisis could very well be the onset of more fundamental changes. The current situation may be the cause of and provide momentum to jointly solving the problems that existed before but have gained urgency as a result of the crisis.

We have made a first step in this direction and have taken a look at what we can do differently after the crisis. Which new insights did we gain during the crisis and what lessons learned do we want to take with us to the future? Our experts have studied the developments in various subareas and sectors and provide their expectations and recommendations.

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Jan Willem Velthuijsen

Jan Willem Velthuijsen

Chief Economist, PwC Netherlands

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Richard Goldstein

Richard Goldstein

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