Trade with the UK after Brexit - experiences and best practices (Dutch)

The webcast’s main topics are the actual impact of Brexit on supply chains and international trade and the most important points from the TCA and what this means practically from a customs and VAT perspective. How about recent experiences and best practices? Of course we will also have ample time for Q&A as we can imagine there are a lot of unsolved issues.


  1. Welcome
  2. The impact of Brexit after 3 months
  3. Results survey impact of Brexit
    Lyne Biewinga (NBCC)
  4. Brexit and customs / international trade and practical aspects
    Claudia Buysing-Damsté
  5. The NVWA perspective
    Peter Verbaas (NVWA)
  6. Brexit and VAT / how to comply with the rules on both sides of the Channel?
    Bart van Osch
  7. Q&A

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Target Audience

We aim at all people working in tax or related areas, e.g CFO, tax, legal and HR directors, managing director-major shareholder (in Dutch:’dga’) managers and other tax-specialists, beside customs and logistical/operational managers.

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