Post Covid (tax) value drivers of M&A

Due to recent SPAC activity, this webcast has been tailored to focus on SPAC and how you can get ready for a SPAC deal.

We expected that Covid-19 would have resulted in discounted valuations of businesses and cautioned the structuring of a deal to address relative valuation uncertainties. Although we see examples addressing the uncertainty, valuations are still soaring and competition for assets is even more intense. Not least because of the SPAC boom of late 2020 and early 2021 that will further intensify investors competing for premium assets, especially businesses with technology-oriented, ESG, innovative or disruptive business models. Whilst many tax and legal issues may be similar to traditional deals, the proces, speed and characteristics of a SPAC deal requires a different approach. During this webcast, we will discuss the trends and relevant tax and legal aspects of how SPAC deals work.


  1. Welcome and introduction
    Eduard Schurink
  2. The post Covid revival of SPACs
    Matt Reindl
  3. SPAC characteristics
    Matt Reindl
  4. De-SPAC merger aka Business Combination
    Legal -  Ronald Lantman
    Tax - Bart Weijers
  5. How to get SPAC ready
    Matt Reindl/Bart Weijers

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Target Audience

We aim at all professionals working in tax, M&A departments or related areas, e.g. CFO, tax, legal, HR and M&A managers/directors, managing director-major shareholder (in Dutch: ‘dga’) and operations officers.

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