How best to lock in tax value in a deal

Competition for investments is fierce and intensifying. In this competitive M&A market it is critical, or an opportunity, that businesses not only clearly articulate their equity story, but also emphasize the value of tax. Our deals and legal teams will present the changing landscape and leading practices - from a sell and buy side perspective - on how diligence and contractual transaction matters best interact to (re)assure and secure the tax profile of an asset.


  1. Introduction and market trends
    Brenda Mooijekind (PwC Deals Tax partner)
  2. Pricing mechanism and (tax) deal value protection
    Klaas Jan Terhorst (PwC Deals partner)
  3. Tax in the SPA
    Brenda Mooijekind (PwC Deals Tax partner)
  4. W&I insurance market trends and specifics
    Egbert van der Graaff (AIG)
  5. Recap and Q&A

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How best to lock in tax value in a deal

Target Audience

We aim at all professionals working in tax, M&A departments or related areas, e.g. CFO, tax, legal, HR and M&A managers/directors, managing director-major shareholder (in Dutch: ‘dga’) and operations officers.

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