Taxmarc (SAP Certified)

Do you have VAT and other indirect taxes under control?

Legislation on indirect taxes like VAT is complex, especially when you’re operating cross-borders. It’s not easy to determine for all transactions if they are liable for VAT and, if so, how much has to be paid. To be in control and compliant with all legislation, Taxmarc can offer a solution.

Taxmarc is an ‘add on’ SAP-systems and gives an insight into all data which is relevant to determine the VAT payable. The system facilitates the VAT-treatment for each individual transaction.

Taxmarc has an integrated  control framework too to check whether the VAT- treatment of each individual transaction is correct and consistent. The tool can be applied also to other indirect taxes.

The great advantage of the tool is that it provides tax directors with information generated by a system, without needing special (technical) knowledge to understand the system. Taxmarc speaks the language its users understand.


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