HR Insights: data analysis on payroll tax return

Data analysis on payroll tax return

The digital payroll tax return was introduced in 2006. Nevertheless, many employers are still experiencing difficulties in submitting correct and complete payroll tax returns to the Dutch tax authorities. However, responsibility for the quality and completeness of the payroll tax return lies entirely with you as the employer.

Payroll tax return

Every employer submits their digital payroll tax return to the Dutch tax authorities every month or four weeks. Submitting a digital payroll tax return includes filling in 137 different columns with data related to your employees. Not only the Dutch tax authorities, but also the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), Statistics Netherlands (CBS), municipalities, pension funds, the Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) and bailiffs (a total of approximately 40 institutions) complete their databases based on the information from your payroll tax return. In other words, errors in your payroll administration not only effect you but also your current and former employees.


Experience shows that a great number of employers have minimal insight into the nominative part (which includes all the personal data per employee) of the payroll tax return.

Our analysis shows several times that errors in the payroll administration can lead to additional unexpected salary costs or unused savings opportunities. In addition, the media is playing an increasingly important role, with potential reputational damage as a result.

For all above reasons, a correct and complete payroll administration is of great importance!

Managing your payroll tax returns

PwC has years of experience in performing data analysis on payroll tax returns. Through 70 integral examinations our high-end Payroll Tax Data Analytics Tool clearly visualises your areas of concern.

It will take only a few minutes to collect and share the correct data with us through our highly-secured internet connection. The data analysis results in a clearly summarized report with findings and recommendations. 

Of course, we continue to constantly further develop the Payroll Tax Data Analytics Tool. For example, as a result of the introduction of the Low-Income Benefit (LIV) from January 1st 2017, we have added an analysis that provides insight into making optimal use of this benefit.

Interested? Watch the video on this page and find out what the Payroll Tax Data Analytics Tool developed by PwC can do for your administration.

PwC has all the expertise to support you with this issue. Our experts can help you to map out your payroll tax return using our Payroll Tax Data Analytics Tool. Providing the payroll tax return data takes you just five minutes and we take it from there. We can discuss our findings at your office and will gladly assist you with interpretation of the results.


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