Quantitative analyses

Modelling platform for financial and fiscal quantitative analyses

The Financial Drawing Board is a digital platform for everyone who uses financial and fiscal modelling for evaluation purposes. The FDB can offer you faster and better quality analyses for financial specialists and tax experts.

Modelleringsplatform voor financiële en fiscale kwantitatieve analyse
Modellen gestandaardiseerd en geïntegreerd

Modelling standardised and integrated

PwC has already created hundreds of different models for a wide range of financial and fiscal analyses. We have now improved, standardised and integrated these models in the FDB. By adding your data, static data can be dynamically visualised in all modelling options.

PwC will use a digital canvas to paint your current situation, create forecasts or show time journeys featuring various changes in your organisation. We are able to visualise and calculate scenarios with financial and fiscal consequences in no time at all.

Easily import and export data

The models can simply be activated by entering a limited amount of basic data. It is also very easy to upscale data and models, and to create an interface with large amounts of data. If necessary, we can export the results of the various scenarios, and the accompanying visualisations, to e.g. QlikView, Excel and PowerPoint.

Eenvoudig importeren en exporteren van data
Hogere beslissnelheid, betere inzichten

Faster decision-making, better insights

Decisions that were previously made using a handful of calculations and your gut feeling, can now be supported by data. Interaction between all our integrated models allows analyses to be carried out that were previously deemed too complicated. The FDB leads to faster decision-making and better and more integrated insights.

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