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Transparent - Collaborative - Secure

Meet the Engagement Center. The Engagement Center enables you and your PwC team to collaboratively manage engagement activities, share data and documents, and track performance progress more easily in a single place.

One platform, one approach, built around you as a client and with an improved client experience. This platform also provides access to our supporting technologies and digital tools, which you as a PwC client may already use. Join the thousands of other companies using the Engagement Center. Get in touch with us (your PwC representative) for more information.

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Global Engagement Center

PwC offers you a simple solution

A single site gives you 24/7 access to all your (global) engagements and has all the information you need to streamline processes and seize future opportunities. Do you want real-time insight into your data and a one-stop shop with everything you need for your projects at PwC and to meet your compliance obligations? Whether your business is local or international, our digital, web-based collaboration platform provides transparent insight into your Tax, Legal and People projects with PwC. The Engagement Center streamlines our collaboration with you.

All in one

  • Dashboards: Automated reports and visualisations yield instant insight into the current situation, freeing you up to spend more time on other things.
  • Documents: A central and secure hub for all documents exchanged during an engagement.
  • Requests: No more emails, but one central spot for questions and answers
  • Tracker: Stay on top of your projects with this easy-to-use project management tool that lets your teams view activities, deadlines, responsibilities and status updates.
  • Reports: Save time by accessing real-time data analysis with automated reports.


Privacy and data security is an increasingly important point of concern for our clients. Engagement Center is secure in use. It provides access exclusively to your designated staff and the PwC specialists who require access to your information. The Engagement Center securely stores all data, files and documents in our own data center, with extensive data encryption and other safeguards. PwC acknowledges the importance of security and has taken all steps necessary to guarantee the highest standards of data security for the Engagement Center.


Transparency was a key principle in the design of the Engagement Center. As such, the Engagement Center grants you unprecedented access to your projects at PwC and your compliance. You can check what's important to you right from your personal home screen. Whether you’re interested in the status of a project, the assignment of certain tasks or the expiration dates for certain compliance obligations. All information in the Engagement Center is real-time and presented visually in an easy-to-understand manner.


Every collaboration between you, the client, and PwC is unique. It may mean you providing information for a compliance request, or it may be a much more extensive collaboration, involving the sharing of much information back and forth and working together to execute a project. Whatever form our collaboration takes, the Engagement Center has all the tools necessary for an extensive team to collaborate on common projects, documents and/or files. The combination of project management and collaboration around documents and files means that a virtual team made up of PwC specialists and a client team set up by you can do the work needed to efficiently execute and complete the engagement.

Real-Time and 24/7

The Engagement Center offers real-time status and report updates. All your Engagement Center sites are updated immediately as and when the work is completed by PwC staff. As a client, you will have access to your Engagement Center sites and be able to see immediately how the project is doing. You have the ability to follow your projects as often as you like and you will always see the latest status of the project.

Shared documents and files

One of the biggest challenges in any project is making sure everyone has access to the correct version of a document. With the Engagement Center, everything is stored in one place and managed by a powerful and secure data-management system. This means full version control and an activities audit trail. Documents can be organised in a way that is most efficient for the engagement. Through the Engagement Center, you can upload your own documents to the site, making it easy for you and the relevant team to share them. Furthermore, you have access to a managed overview of documents uploaded by the PwC team.

A holistic view

If you have several projects running at PwC, a separate Engagement Center site can be created for each engagement. Each site can be tailored to the documents, project plan and users for that particular engagement. The Engagement Center allows you to zoom in on specific projects and zoom out when you are working on multiple projects with multiple Engagement Center sites.

Integrated technologies

The Engagement Center grants access to PwC's digital solutions. Tools and applications that allow you to be fully compliant and in control as well as ensure that your tax processes are optimised.

Engagement Center
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