Customs Monitoring Tool

Customs monitoring tool

Compliance is made measurable with PwC’s Customs Monitoring Tool: a simple dashboard, with drill-down and the possibility to export data. The dashboard also offers a live status overview that corresponds with the method employed by the customs authorities.

Compliance becomes measurable

A rapidly growing number of internationally operating companies qualify as ‘Authorised Economic Operator’ (AEO certificate) or need to satisfy the conditions of an AEO certificate in order to be eligible for simplified customs procedures. Even when the procedural side is in order, the risks identified and the checks defined, questions remain:

  • have the defined checks actually been carried out?

  • is there a (real-time) overview of the performance and result?

  • is there insight into the measure of compliance?

These questions can easily be answered with PwC's Customs Monitoring Tool.

How does it work?

Using the Customs Monitoring Tool will help you to remain compliant and in control and can also yield a competitive advantage. Employees responsible for performing checks receive an email notification based on the control framework, in which the internal checks have been defined. They can access the action item with just the click of a mouse. This approach is in line with customs authorities procedures.

Via a transparent dashboard, the tool provides you with immediate insight into the status of the actions and whether you are compliant or not.

If you want to know more about what PwC can mean for you or how the Customs Monitoring Tool can help you, please contact us.

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