Customs Monitoring Tool

Making Compliance Measurable 

A rapidly growing number of companies involved in Customs & International Trade is Authorised Economic Operator (AEO-certified) or does need to meet the requirements for AEO-certification in order for them to benefit from simplified customs procedures.

Even when the procedural setup is okay, risks have been identified and controls defined, the critical questions remain:

  • are the defined controls actually being performed?
  • is there a (real time) overview of the performance and the outcome?
  • how to show the level of compliance?

PwC has made answering these questions easy with the Customs Monitoring Tool by PwC.

A straightforward dashboard, with drilldown and export options, provides a live status overview instantly which is aligned with the Custom Authorities' approach.

Application of the Customs Monitoring Tool will not only help in measuring your compliance and remain in control, but can also provide a competitive advantage.

How does it work?

Based on the control framework, in which internal controls are defined, people responsible for performing checks are provided with e-mail notifications. With a single click, direct access to the relevant action item is provided.

Details on the performance of checks can be easily obtained as a result of which 'non-performers' cannot hide anymore.

Based on the results of the checks performed, follow-up can be initiated as a result of which time is only spent to issues that do require so.

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