Organisational Culture

Create an organisational culture that supports your strategy and conveys what you stand for. Recognise the DNA of your organisation – in terms of individual values and environmental factors that influence behaviour – and create momentum towards desired behaviour.

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  • If your culture is not appropriately supported by your vision and strategy.
  • If external stakeholders keep a critical eye on your culture.
Organisational Culture

Our approach

Create an insight into culture and behaviour

  • Perform a baseline measurement for your organisation's culture/DNA.
  • Create awareness about the purpose and values of your organisation.
  • Examine the preferences of your stakeholders.
  • Identify Moments that Matter, where culture and behaviour have a major impact on results.
  • Use an integrated cultural dashboard when reporting to stakeholders.

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Create momentum for a cultural transformation

  • Encourage behaviour required for Moments that Matter.
  • Provide training about the code of conduct and ethical behaviour.
  • Use storytelling, create experiences via interventions and communicate.
  • Ensure ‘soul’-inspiration, system embedding and stamina.
  • Use a quantitative measurement to examine the effects of interventions.
  • Implement leadership development based on purpose and values.

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