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Focus on pipeline of future leaders

What are CEOs doing to develop the workforce they need for today and tomorrow? Nearly half are making changes to how they develop their leadership pipeline. It's not hard to understand why. This new generation of leaders has grown up in a different world and is better equipped to tackle thorny societal issues. Think about the new skills that CEOs need to be comfortable with, if current CEO predictions are right. They'll need to be able to operate in a world with multiple stakeholders, different values and diverse attitudes toward law and rights, all in an increasingly volatile economic context. In addition, they will have to be comfortable with data, analytics and many new technlogies. This type of leader will also need to be able to develop new leaders with the right skills and adaptability to deliver the 'people edge' required (source: 19th Annual Global CEO Survey).

Focussing on the leadership pipeline will also help ensure that future leaders can present consistent messages to the wider employee base, and the visibility and 'tone from the top' that's necessary to turn words into action. How is the pipeline of future leaders in your organisation? Do your current leadership development programmes address the above future needs?


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