Rule Keeper: automation of legal processes

Rule Keeper is a tool that can structure legal processes quickly and securely. Rule Keeper has everything we expect from a successful digitization project: it can be implemented quickly, is easy to use and, above all, should deliver one thing: consistent quality.

How does it work?

In the legal sector, efficient use of time has the highest priority. With Rule Keeper, we can automate various (repetitive) aspects of a lawyer's work. This leaves you, as a lawyer, more time to devote to work that deserves your attention. Examples of automations we can achieve with Rule Keeper are endless. Think of automatic generation of (standard) contracts and decisions, decision trees to come to the right conclusion or collecting data for compliance checks. You as an end user do not need to install anything and can click directly through the application.

Depending on the user's answers, irrelevant follow-up questions are skipped, options for uploading files are offered, e-mails are sent automatically or deadlines are calculated. At the end, the user is shown the result and (if desired) a document that can be downloaded.

By using Rule Keeper, questions such as "Have I fulfilled my reporting obligations" or "Can I sign this document electronically?" can be answered quickly, independently of time and place and in a legally correct manner. Interested? Try the modules below for free to see how it works. Our Legal Disclaimer is applicable.

From the idea to your own LegalTech application

How do we make sure this works? As experts in their field, our lawyers develop applications themselves with the support of the project managers of our LegalTech team. With the expertise of national and international projects and the project-based deployment of technical solutions, we have been able to assist our clients with digitization in many sectors.

Usually we sit down with you in person, or in a videoconference, and discuss your situation in detail. Because we work with both specialized lawyers and programmers, we can then quickly create and implement a customized solution for you.

Legal process automation

Under the denominator "legal technology" or "LegalTech", technology for lawyers has been an important topic in the Netherlands for several years now. In general, we notice that the daily legal work in many areas has only been digitized sparsely. There is no doubt that the technology must be fast, uncomplicated and above all (legally) safe in order to be used in daily practice. That is where PwC Legal can and will deliver.

To learn more about legal process automation, please contact us!

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