Public Tenders

Public tenders to achieve your goals

Public tenders are surrounded with legal rules and implications. Both organisations that initiate tenders as well as tenderers must thoroughly understand the laws and regulations in order to achieve their objectives.

Optimisation of the tender process

Our experts in public procurement law advise both organisations that initiate tenders as well as tenderers. We help you to optimise the tender process and answer questions such as: “should we initiate a tender”, “what choices do we have amongst the various relevant procedures” and “how can we implement a procedure successfully”? In short, we provide advice from strategy up to and including execution.

How we can help

  • Advising on the legal implications of a public tender.
  • Drafting of public tender documentation.
  • Executing and performing public tender processes.
  • Advising on public procurement laws and regulations.
  • Updating public procurement policies and achieving objectives.
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