Healthcare sector transforms on a solid legal basis

Society demands a certain quality and affordability when it comes to healthcare. This demand can pose challenges for organisations in the healthcare sector, which are managed by, amongst others, partnerships and restructurings. From a legal perspective, this can raise all kinds of questions. How do you ensure that you take the right steps and take account of external stakeholders such as health insurers, third parties and the government in such complex transformations?

Legal advice and integrated services for the healthcare industry

PwC Legal has an excellent track record as a legal advisor for healthcare industry and the various stakeholders of healthcare institutions, combined with profound knowledge of health law. In addition to legal advice, we offer an integrated service in cooperation with our colleagues from Tax and Advisory.

How we can help

  • Structuring cooperations (also public to private), including legal mergers, acquisitions, drafting cooperation agreements and implementing governance.
  • Advising on and implementation of restructuring projects, also taking the legal position of employees into account.
  • Advising on restructuring hospital organisations and the cooperation with the specialists.
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