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Marketing and sales remain the vanguard of many businesses’ commercial models today. However, both disciplines are evolving rapidly in response to changing customer behavior and digital technologies. We help our clients ensure that their marketing and sales strategies as well as their operations are aligned to changing customer expectations, customer context and channel usage of today’s customer. We integrate these with service and operations in a way that drives increased effectiveness and efficiency.

Key questions to consider

  1. How well does your marketing strategy translate into marketing and sales plans?
  2. Are your channels aligned to changing customer behaviors and do they include marketing and advertising technologies?
  3. Are your campaigns effectively managed?
  4. Are the marketing and sales processes well integrated?
  5. Are your sales approach and process fit for purpose?
  6. Are you developing competency and capabilities for different customer segments and markets?
  7. How are you collaborating with Gen AI & Cloud partners to innovate your marketing strategies and operations?​

  8. Are you able to effectively demonstrate the ROI of your marketing initiatives?​

  9. Do your platforms and tools help you streamline your marketing operations, from campaign planning to execution?

How we can help you

  • Help you develop an overarching marketing and sales strategy, that is rooted in customer insights, analytics and end-to-end customer experience
  • Help you develop, execute and measure dynamic and engaging digital marketing campaigns and build these capabilities internally
  • Support you in transforming your sales model and internal capabilities, whether that be sales force optimization, key account management or a new approach entirely based on evolving customer needs and market shifts in your sector
  • Help you with marketing optimization and the integration of relevant marketing and sales software
  • Support you in creating a dynamic ecosystem with your Gen AI & Cloud partners to deliver transformative marketing initiatives​

  • Help you identify the right data and ROI measurement methodology to drive informed decision making and demonstrate value 

Each year, emerging technologies enable new marketing use cases. At the same time data & privacy regulation enforces new ways of working in digital marketing which also encourage technology transitions such as a shift to 1st party data and usage of Customer Data Platforms. This adds complexity to marketing technology landscape, which overlaps with functional domains such as e-commerce, customer service, loyalty and more. We helps CMO’s work with their CDO, CIO and other counterparts create marketing technology roadmaps, conduct vendor selections and increase the ROI on existing marketing technology by reviewing their uptake and deployment effectiveness.


With a myriad of marketing KPI’s, channels and measurement methodologies, it is a challenge how to express the monetary value of marketing from a CFO perspective. We help our clients set up practical KPI frameworks and dashboards and help set up quick & effective marketing effectiveness calculations. For more advanced insights, we help develop marketing mix modelling capabilties, to understand the invididual effect of marketing spend versus other factors such as pricing or customer activation via competitor marketing activies.​


We leverage the vast amounts of data from Google searches, website browsing behavior and other online sources to create customer, competitor, and product insights. With these insights we help our clients identify commercial levers in marketing & sales, such as which customer segments to target, how to optimize the product portfolio and in which geographical areas to grow. We help our clients to embed marketing intelligence in their way of working and digital assets and provide marketing analytics monitoring as a service.

We help our clients understand what marketing capabilities to build in their organization, and where to build them in international enviroments. At the same time we help our clients critically review which marketing activities to insource or outsource. We provide an outside-in perspective with industry examples and benchmarks of marketing organizations, which include accelerators such as marketing processes and capabiliy overviews. To help keep marketing functions up to speed with fast-paced customer, competitor and industry developments, we help deploy agile marketing as a way of working to quickly test & learn from campaigns and new initiatives.

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