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Marketing and sales remain the vanguard of many businesses’ commercial models today. However, both disciplines are evolving rapidly in response to changing customer behavior and digital technologies. We help our clients ensure that their marketing and sales strategies as well as their operations are aligned to changing customer expectations, customer context and channel usage of today’s customer. We integrate these with service and operations in a way that drives increased effectiveness and efficiency.

Key questions to consider

  1. How well does your marketing strategy translate into marketing and sales plans?
  2. Are your channels aligned to changing customer behaviors and do they include marketing and advertising technologies?
  3. Are your campaigns effectively managed?
  4. Are the marketing and sales processes well integrated?
  5. Are your sales approach and process fit for purpose?
  6. Are you developing competency and capabilities for different customer segments and markets?

How we can help you

  • Help you develop an overarching marketing and sales strategy, that is rooted in customer insights, analytics and end-to-end customer experience
  • Help you develop, execute and measure dynamic and engaging digital marketing campaigns and build these capabilities internally
  • Support you in transforming your sales model and internal capabilities, whether that be sales force optimization, key account management or a new approach entirely based on evolving customer needs and market shifts in your sector
  • Help you with marketing optimization and the integration of relevant marketing and sales software

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Jennifer Nelen

Consumer Markets Customer Transformation, Partner, PwC Netherlands

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