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How does Dutch screening procedures for board members work?

Dutch market conduct supervisors the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and the central bank (DNB) screen nominee management board and supervisory board members of financial institutions that operate under their supervision. Candidates can only be appointed and take up their new responsibilities after a positive ruling from AFM or DNB. In a European context, the Dutch assessment is – along with the British screening procedure – relatively elaborate and perceived as tough. It includes a preliminary assessment and often a face-to-face interview with a screening team consisting of officials of one or both supervisors. In other European countries the screening is often limited to an administrative assessment. 

The net effect of the more stringent assessment procedures of AFM and DNB on the attractiveness of the Netherlands depends on the form of entry, as the regulation applies to Dutch regulated entities only, not to branches of European financial institutions. 

Regulation and policy in the Netherlands for financial institutions; a disadvantage?

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