Entertainment & Media Outlook for the Netherlands 2017-2021

Data driven user experience takes centre stage

The Dutch Entertainment & Media Outlook

As you all experience in your daily life - both professionally and privately - the pace of change in this industry is not coming to a halt, on the contrary. On top of their focus on two dimensions, content and distribution, parties need to get accustomed with a third crucial dimension: user experience. Excellent content, together with excellent distribution, the right technology, and availability of data are required to deliver the experience users are looking for. 

In this Outlook we present the insights of the Dutch E&M sector. You will find articles about contemporary topics like advertising, use of personal data and video. Further we've had numerous discussions with senior media executives in the E&M market. The industry segments reflect how the landscape has changed and how it will continue to change in the future.   


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Market Summary

Move over, content. Move over, distribution. User experience is king!

We are accustomed to hearing that content is the crucial factor for any media venture in the digital world, but the reality is far more complex. Rapid changes in technology, user behaviour and business models have created a gap between how consumers want to experience and pay for entertainment and media, and how companies produce and distribute their offerings. To bridge this gap, companies should pursue two related strategies: (1) focus their efforts on building businesses and brands anchored by active, higher value communities of fans, and (2) capitalise on those emerging technologies that delight users in new ways, thus delivering superior user experiences. 

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Operators' dilemma

Ever expanding need for network capacity, but top-line is under pressure

Consumers continue to use more and more data, leading to increasingly higher bandwidth requirements. These requirements are largely driven by non-linear TV viewing and over-the-top (OTT) applications combined with the higher resolutions at which this content is delivered. At the same time, prices for access (either mobile or fixed) are under pressure, especially with the recent Vodafone-Ziggo joint venture, effectively introducing a new quad-play (TV, internet, fixed telephony and mobile telephony) player to the market. This poses some key challenges for network operators: the demand for network access capacity is ever increasing and requires significant investments, but at the same time their top line is under pressure. This dilemma is forcing operators to make some well-considered investment decisions. 

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Advertising: it's all in the mix

Internet advertising and other advertising segments can, and will, coexist

The Dutch advertising market has surpassed the €3.5bn milestone in 2016 and is heading to the next financial milestone: €4bn. internet advertising revenues will surpass those derived from all other advertising streams combined in 2017. Specifically, internet ad spend will total €1.86bn by the end of the year compared to €3.66bn for the entire Dutch advertising market.

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Use of personal data

E&M is one of the industries most affected by GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which becomes effective 25 May 2018, will have a major impact on the data protection policies of organisations and on how they will be processing personal data. Entertainment and media companies will be among the industries most affected. In this sector companies increasingly build their business models around collecting personal customer data to tailor their propositions and create a competitive advantage. Main purposes of the GDPR are to uplift data protection standards in and outside the EU and to deliver greater legal harmonisation of data protection regulations within the region. This should make it easier for individuals to understand how their data is being used and to raise any complaints, even if they are not in the country where their data is located.

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Video killed the radio star... but it won't kill TV

Three ways to play the game in video

The way in which people consume video content is changing. The channel mix is shifting, with rapid declines in live TV watching and a rise in on-demand viewing. This brings dilemmas to broadcasters who need to protect their advertising revenues and telecom operators who need to explore what new possibilities emerge. In this article we discuss three ways to play the game in video.

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Targeted TV advertising

Revamp of a one billion euro industry

Consumers are swamped with ads these days, making it more difficult for advertisers to stand out in the TV and VOD world. The holy grail in the jungle of mindless spam and multiscreening is simple: relevance. And how do you make your message relevant? Through targeting and personalisation. Take Lisa. Her car lease is about to expire, she lives by herself and she has a steady mid-level income. She is also environmentally aware, as she’s had solar panels installed on her roof. While she’s watching her favourite show, her attention is grabbed by the new Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, now available on lease and in her favourite colour, red. The concept is not new – targeted advertising is a proven concept from the online world (e.g. Google, Facebook). However, advances in technology make it possible to apply this concept to the traditional advertising world.

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Catch the eye of consumers

A four billion euro game

It is hard to recall what the world looked like when a television was the only screen in a household, perhaps even the only screen in our daily lives. The omnipresence of screens has changed our lives for good. Screens are never ‘off’ – with 24/7 connectivity consumers are almost guaranteed there will be something new every time they look. Enabled by technological developments, many market players jumped at the opportunities presented, new disruptors emerged (such as Netflix), and the more traditional players (e.g. TV broadcasters) feel discomfort. Today’s currency is the time of the consumer, such that it is your content or your ad that captures the attention of audiences. In this section, we take a deep-dive into the world of video entertainment.

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Innovation often stalls not because of technology but because we lack imagination

We talk a lot about disruptive technologies, but what is equally striking are technologies that stay very close to earlier technological manifestations. The first car is one such example; it looked more like a carriage fitted out with a combustion engine than the vehicle we now regard as an automobile. For an industry that has always thrived on creativity, the Entertainment & Media sector still has quite a few ‘horseless carriages’ driving around.

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Publishers should stop muddling along and start transforming the sector

Books have always been part of summer holiday packing lists. But today’s packing lists also include iPads and laptops so we can play video games and watch our favourite Netflix series or YouTube content. This means publishers are now competing with a much wider group of companies in the Entertainment & Media sector. To make sure books in all its shapes and forms will still be on the holiday packing lists of future travellers, publishers need to step out of their comfort zone.

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E-mail marketing alive and kicking

It isn’t always clear to recipients, but marketeers spend a lot of time and energy developing strategies to improve return on advertising spending and other KPIs. You’d expect that by now, companies would have learned to use e-mails effectively in advertising campaigns. We analysed 4.7bn e-mails this year and found that the number of people who opened an e-mail divided by the total number of successfully delivered e-mails (COR) has increased from 35.2% to 37.5%. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we’re still no good at persuading people to click on a link.

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Data as a canvas to write stories and optimise customer experience

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How blockchain can disrupt the advertising industry

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The RAW experience in a digital era

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Building bridges towards programmatic TV

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