Past winners

The social enterprises that won the Social Impact Lab in the last years:

  • 2018: Coolfinity, GiantLeaps, Kodluyoruz, Active Cues, MUMO
  • 2017: Rebottled, SweepSmart en Vinculum
  • 2016: Butterfly Housing, FOODLOGICA en 100weeks
  • 2015: &thijs, GEEF café en Bookspecials
  • 2014: Stichting OOPOEH, Amplino en CTalents

Coolfinity (NL)

Coolfinity has developed a fridge that needs only 6 hours of power to cool 24 hours per day to keep medication, dairy, food and drinks cold under harsh tropical conditions in upcoming markets.

GiantLeaps (NL)

GiantLeaps created The GiantLeaps Impact Calculation Tool, which is an automated tool for (corporate) restaurants that reports, manages and reduces the climate impact of the food served.

Kodluyoruz (TK)

Kodluyoruz first identifies socio-economically disadvantaged, but driven and talented youth and then prepares them to succeed in the tech sector through two main strategies: bootcamps and the Alumni Club.

Active Cues (NL)

Active Cues develops games for specific target groups, such as people living with dementia, learning disabilities and autism. Their product 'Tovertafel' turns any surface into an interactive environment using light projections.


MUMO offers an affordable, reusable, natural and respectful alternative to plastic. Mumo is reusable up to 100 times and it helps people to realize the effects of single use plastics.

Winners 2018

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