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Frequently asked questions

When can I register my social enterprise for the Social Impact Lab 2020?

Sign up for the update e-mail to stay informed when it is possible to sign up for the Social Impact Lab 2020.

What criteria should my startup meet to be able to compete in the Social Impact Lab?

To qualify for the Social Impact Lab challenge for start-ups, your social enterprise is expected to be active for less than three years since market launch. For social enterprises that have been active for more than three years, you can apply for PwC’s scale-up track.

Are there any costs involved in applying for the Social Impact Lab?

No. Application for the Social Impact Lab is free of charge.

Can I participate in the Social Impact Lab as a PwC employee?

PwC employees cannot submit an application form as owner/shareholder of a participating enterprise. They are allowed to be part of the management team of a participating startup. Family, friends and acquaintances of PwC employees can sign up for the Social Impact Lab without restrictions.

How does PwC treat confidential data I submit with my application?

 PwC is very aware of the confidential nature of the data submitted in the application form and the business plans. PwC treats this information in a confidential and responsible manner.

We would like to publicly announce the social enterprises that are selected to participate in the finals. Should your social enterprise be selected, we will contact you prior to the announcement in order to agree on the details that would be published on your social enterprise. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send an email to or call Marloes Tap.

What is the difference between the Social Impact Lab and the Expertise Center for Social Enterprises?

The Social Impact Lab was launched in order to support startups with a social mission. This year the challenge is also aimed at starting social scale-ups that want to make a next step.
The Expertise Center provides support to established social enterprises in order to solve a concrete problem they may face.

Where can I find further information on social enterprises?

You can find more information on social enterprises on the website of <Social Enterprise NL>.

What if I have other questions about  the Social Impact Lab and my application?

If you have any other questions, contact us via

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