Fast growth companies programme

From start-up to exit

Working in collaboration with a range of exciting and vibrant companies our team of dedicated fast growth specialists is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs. We provide tailored advice and solutions for each stage of your growth journey, from start-up through international expansion to exit. Our team is with you every step of the way.

The four stages of growth

As a new company you face many challenges. As you grow from an idea to a start-up to finally realising your investment there are many challenges to overcome, including funding your business and maintaining sustainable growth for your product or service. Take a look at what we believe are some of the hurdles your new company may face at each stage of development.

Stage 1 - Start-up

We look at the challenges facing your company when you are just starting out from funding to setting out your business plan.

Explore stage 1 - Start-up

Stage 3 - Scale up

There is rapidly increasing demand for your product or service, but how do you maintain growth? How do you stay ahead of the market?

Explore stage 3 - Scale up

Stage 2 - Take off

So you have secured sufficient funding and now want to take your product or service to the next level. What are the new challenges your business faces?

Explore stage 2 - Take off

Stage 4 - Exit

You now want to capitalise on the position that your company is in and realise your investment, or you may have had an offer from an acquirer that is too good to ignore.

Explore stage 4 - Exit

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