PwC doesn’t want to miss out on a single talent. Our human capital is what makes our organisation so strong and everyone plays a part in this. Looking towards the labour market, employing people who are distanced from it often is not easy, which is why we are actively employing these people and offering them a long-term workplace within our organisation. After all, we’re not interested in the disability, but in the talent. In recent years, various colleagues have successfully received long-term positions. The challenge continues to be finding the right profiles (highly educated and ambitious) and linking them with existing PwC vacancies. Over the years, we have already developed various role models and best practices that we’re proud of.

We also have the (dis)Ability network, our youngest diversity network, for PwC employees with a disability, their  managers and interested parties. (dis)Ability helps to attract and bond this target group. We want to help new colleagues with disabilities to make a good start to and progress in their career. At PwC, we focus on the possibilities and opportunities rather than the disabilities.

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What is it like to work at PwC while you have a disability

At PwC, we look at people's talents, not their limitations. What is it like to work at PwC when you have a disability? Four of our colleagues tell us what their day looks like.

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