Corporate Responsibility

As accountants, advisors and tax specialists we believe our place is at the heart of society and we have to act responsibly. So “Corporate Responsibility” is an indispensable element of our services and our way of working. We want to build trust. Trust in business, in society and in the future. We believe that we, together with our clients, can make a difference by using our knowledge, skills and network to resolve social issues. 

We not only do this in our daily work, we have also developed special services for our clients in the field of sustainability, aging population and mobility. Our employees also volunteer for social projects. We support large and small social organisations to achieve their objectives, not with money, but with our knowledge and expertise. Because we are convinced that we can make the most impact by using our talents. 

But that’s not all. Corporate Responsibility is after all about ourselves. So everything is designed to in accordance with the values and standards that make up our DNA: and Corporate Responsibility is the heart of this. 

Our CR policy ties in with our worldwide CR strategy. This can be summed up as ‘part of it’. We are convinced that we form part of the solution for all kinds of social issues, so we are involved in the worldwide debate about responsible entrepreneurship and can contribute to the direction businesses take in order to improve society.


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