Unit4 - Fully customer-focussed in four steps


Unit4, the Netherlands’ biggest software company and a global supplier of business software for the service sector, decided two years ago to convert its domestic businesses portfolio into transparent “bundles” in line with the needs of specific customer segments.

Let’s say you have a complex and expanding portfolio comprising thousands of products and articles. Your sales teams work year-in, year-out to perfect their knowledge and to master the product roadmap, while your product and research teams are devoted to their creations and continue to work separately on stand-alone solutions. But are those solutions still relevant for your customers? That’s precisely the question that Unit4’s domestic division in the Benelux dared to ask openly two years ago, after which the company explored how its product portfolio had developed within the market over the years.

Jasper Kakes (PwC) and Victor ter Beke (Unit4)

From product- to customer-focussed

According to Victor ter Beke, Unit4’s Head of Commercial Operations Domestic Businesses, the figures made things perfectly clear. “Over the past twenty years, Unit4 has developed thousands of products, modules and articles,” he says. ”After our analysis, it became clear that most of our turnover was generated by only a small portion of our portfolio. More than half our products hadn’t even been sold in the previous two years. Our focus was too much on the products. But our customers don’t want products. They have an issue and they’re feeling pain. We need to understand that pain, take action based on that understanding, and resolve the issue for the customer concerned. How do we do that? We do it by understanding our customers even better, by understanding their needs even more. We’ve redesigned each business line on a four-step basis. This customer-focused commercial restructuring has led to us now working in a truly different, more efficient, and more impactful way by putting time and money into understanding our customers and building solutions that fit their processes and help solve their problems.”

Fully customer-focussed in four steps

“PwC didn’t only implement the solution but acted as a real partner for us in this successful transformation, actively challenging about our thinking and the steps to be taken", continues Ter Beke. "The message right at the start was ‘If you choose us, you aren’t choosing a company that merely implements stuff’. And PwC stayed on-message: during our collaboration, they kept raising questions about the process and the items we wanted to input into the system. The discussions we had about that only served to strengthen our final value proposition.”

Curious about the four steps Unit4 has taken and how PwC has contributed to this successful transformation through the implementation of Salesforce CPQ Cloud?

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