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Digital transformation Itho Daalderop

For at least a decade, Itho Daalderop has been adding digital components to its products and services with a view to optimising indoor climate systems. Digitalisation raised all kinds of questions for the firm about data, security and connectivity. PwC used the d.quarks model to help Itho Daalderop analyse its operations and identify what skills it would need to take the next step in its digital transformation.

Technical advice data warehouse

Itho Daalderop initially asked PwC for technical advice on setting up a data warehouse. Danny Gerritsen, from the Risk Assurance department of PwC, was impressed by the firm. "I saw that they had very innovative products and services and wanted to help them with their technical questions. From experience we know that technology is only part of a successful transformation. We have therefore asked them whether we could look more broadly than just at technology."

David Eddes, CFo at Itho Daalderop: "We’d been on this digital journey for some time. We had created a roadmap for connectivity, made investments, entered into partnerships for the software and hardware, and worked hard to secure our ever-widening IT environment. As well as products, we were also delivering more services. It was true that we needed to take a step back and look at the whole picture."

BXT and d.quarks

Danny Gerritsen introduced the firm to the BXT philosohy, which PwC uses to examine digital transformation from three vantage points: Business, eXperience and Technology. "Businesses need to look at all three of these elements to ensure a successful transformation. Good technology alone is not enough. The PwC d.quarks model, that surveys which skills an organisation needs to achieve a certain level of digital transformation, helped them to identify which digital building blocks Itho Daalderop needed to improve. Interviews with staff helped us identify the skills that required attention. We then fleshed out these skills specifically for Itho Daalderop, in consultation with the management. The result is a digital roadmap that allows the firm to move forward."

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