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Additional duties on certain products of US origin

As a response to the US safeguard measures in the form of additional duties on imports of certain steel and aluminum products into the US, the EU has decided to impose additional duties on a number of selected products of US origin.

Following the EU Regulation No. 2018/724, providing the EU Commission with the possibility of imposing retaliatory levies, the EU Commission has now, on June 21, published Regulation No. 2018/886 announcing that the additional duties on the selected US originating products will indeed be levied.

Starting June 22, 2018, these additional duties will be imposed on the selected US originating products. For all products the ad valorem duties will be at the rate of 25%, except for playing card of CN-code 9504 4000 for which a rate of 10% will apply.

The detailed list of US originating products that will attract these retaliatory levies is included in Annex I of EU Regulation No. 2018/724.


Please find below a list of chapters from the Combined Nomenclature (CN) that are affected, this includes amongst others, food products, whiskey, tobacco products, T-shirt, footwear, steel, aluminium, etc.

Chapter 07

Chapter 22

Chapter 62

Chapter 73

Chapter 10

Chapter 24

Chapter 63

Chapter 76

Chapter 19

Chapter 33

Chapter 64

Chapter 87

Chapter 20

Chapter 61

Chapter 72

Chapter 89




Chapter 95


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