Is your executive remuneration structure future proof?


Executive remuneration remains a topic of interest

The recent AGM season demonstrated that executive remuneration remains a topic of interest for companies, share- and stakeholders and continues to fuel public debate. Given the different interests and variety of topics, we know that executive reward does not provide easy solutions, although the quality of the remuneration structure has a significant impact on the internal organisation and the society as a whole. Increased shareholder activism puts pressure on organisations to adhere to best practices or adjust the current remuneration structure. In addition to shareholder activism, deviating from regulations or market standards may result in negative publicity.

Is your current remuneration structure for executives future proof?

Executive and non-executive remuneration survey 2018

Previous surveys and years of experience in the field of executive reward has helped us to publish a new annual survey introducing a range of new topics, i.e. equal pay, best practices in corporate governance and pay fairness. Our goal is to provide more insight in best practices and to address upcoming challenges.

Keep up with the market

Daily we observe that technological innovations or changes to regulations, is causing issues for organisations to remain future proof. To stay relevant, it is key to know what the trends are and how these have an impact on your remuneration practices and your business at large.

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