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Strong values drive growth for family business


Global Family Business leaders report robust health, with levels of optimism about prospects for the next two years at their highest level since 2007.  Revenues are expected to continue growing for the vast majority of businesses, with fifteen percent saying it will be “quick” and “aggressive”. The 2018 edition of the biennial Family Business survey demonstrates a link between putting values at the heart of strategic planning and strong growth prospects. Family businesses should seek to maximise the competitive advantage that comes from strong values-led culture, according to the Family Business Survey.

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Netherlands at a glance

  • Growth has increased in comparison to the 2016 survey and is higher than the global average. Eighty Four percent plan future growth (same as the global average).
  • Forty two percent have seen double digit growth.
  • Key challenges for Netherlands family businesses in the next two years are access to skills,  innovation, professionalisation and digitalisation.
  • 80% have a clear sense of agreed company values and purpose. These are valued in areas of staff retention /recruitment and business reputation.

Vulnerable to digital disruption

Family business report optimism while at the same time, the number of businesses worried about digital disruption has risen to thirty percent (from 25% in 2016). Eighty percent are concerned about how digital, innovation and technology may slow growth. The challenge of attracting the right talent was cited as the most urgent concern.

Vulnerable to digital disruption
Private equity: Thinking outside the family

Private equity: Thinking outside the family

Family business leaders have traditionally viewed private equity investors as not necessarily compatible with their long-term strategies and values. One of the most striking findings is that while eighty one percent of respondents continue to rely more on banks for funded needs, more than a third of family business leaders said they would consider private equity.


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