Entertainment & Media Outlook for the Netherlands 2018-2022

Ride the new wave of convergence! - Convergence, connectivity, technology and trust

Smartphones becoming the pre-eminent Internet access device, innovative companies that are active in the E&M industry should strive to create an integrated business model suited to this consumer-driven dynamic – one in which social media and e-commerce are interlinked with the entertainment experience itself. Meanwhile, companies that initially only offered technology or distribution are now moving into content and the boundaries between the different media types offered are blurring. In this edition we will describe some of the major developments in the global entertainment & media landscape and reflect on the impact on the Dutch industry. We group these into four overarching themes: Convergence, Connectivity, Technology and Trust.

In this Outlook you will find articles about topics like fake news, the future of video and Internet of Things. Further, we've had numerous discussions with senior media executives in the E&M market. The industry segments reflect how the landscape has changed and how it will continue to change in the future.

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Future of video

TV broadcasters were always very skilled at determining which content to produce or source and when to air it, in order to maximise cost versus viewer numbers. Yet, this business model is changing rapidly, as more and more viewers (binge) watch content on-demand on their own device in the train, bedroom or gym. The arrival of mobile devices connected to fast broadband drives this change in viewing behaviour, and has spurred innovative OTT players like Netflix, Hulu and HBO to deliver their content straight to the consumer. With a growing number of viewers watching on-demand content across TV and online channels/libraries, loyalty to specific TV channels or platforms is declining. We also see social media increasingly driving large numbers of viewers to specific online videos.

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Taxation of the digitalised economy

Taxation of the digitalised economy has rapidly become one of the central items of political and tax policy agendas. Various stakeholders are considering, proposing, or have already implemented measures at an international, European and unilateral level. The most characteristic examples are the two draft directives, which the European Commission (EC) published in March 2018. Although these directives are still at an early stage of political decision-making within the European Union (EU), they provide for concrete measures, which the TMT industry should be fully aware of. In fact, the potential reach of the draft directives is broader than one would immediately expect.

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IoT: Take your positions

Telecom operators find themselves in a dynamic environment nowadays. An environment that is characterised by rapidly changing customer demands, fast development of new technologies, and new competitors coming and going. Also, the role of operators in the value chain is changing from telco silos to cross-sectoral enablers of data-driven services. This new environment requires a new and transformational way of innovation, where flexibility, agility, quick development, and testing and adaptation via prototyping are key elements. Cross-department and customer-centric innovation is essential. Especially in the ever growing IoT market, where operators are looking for a ‘way to play’.

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Creating a competitive advantage with GDPR

For companies operating in the telecom, entertainment and media industry, known for its large-scale use of personal data, the awaited new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been an approaching tsunami of additional regulatory compliance procedures and customer inquiries about their personal privacy. With the prospect of reputational damage, high penalties of up to 4% of an organisation’s global annual turnover or 20 million euros (whichever is greater), GDPR compliance is understandably surrounded by a great fear of ‘doing it wrong’. As GDPR came into effect on 25 May 2018, Telco and E&M companies should venture beyond compliance and seek ways to use GDPR to their best advantage, possibly to create a competitive advantage with their policy on data privacy. Subsequently, this competitive advantage will turn into a hygiene factor for larger media companies. We strongly believe that 25 May has been a small milestone in a multi-year process in which citizens, politicians and businesses are gradually moving towards a more data-savvy society.

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Trust in media shows a decreasing trend

Over the past two years, trust in Dutch media decreased, with the largest drop in social media. To understand how trust in Dutch media is changing, we asked more than 1,000 people across five generations to tell us about their trust in various Dutch media and how they think trust can be improved.

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AI is great but we do need supervision

It would be going too far to say I’m a big Netflix fan, but every once in a while I’m ‘gripped’ by a well-done series. What I enjoy most is sharing my excitement about the plot twists and turns with family or friends. The question is whether that will still be possible in a few years’ time. I can imagine that everyone will soon have their own personal storyline, geared to their own interests. Artificial intelligence (AI) can make this happen.


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The global E&M industry is growing – even amid significant disruption

The entertainment and media industry worldwide will continue to grow at a pace close to its historic rates – even in the midst of the large-scale convergence that is significantly disrupting the industry. Digital segments are spearheading growth, but a closer look reveals a dizzying array of different trends at the segment and country levels. An accumulation of near-infinite micro stories make up the story of the global industry.

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Winning the war on talent by focusing on your purpose

For most of us, life without a smartphone is unthinkable. We share updates, exchange messages, and are more connected than ever. But are we really connecting on a human level? Around the world, I see a movement towards a more human, heartfelt connection and a more purposeful existence. For telcos and media companies, enabling employees to feel more connected by a shared sense of purpose, could be a differentiator in winning the war on talent.

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