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How does your institution contribute to ‘innovative Netherlands’?

Agile source of value for an innovative society

Education and research institutions create social benefits by developing talent which is needed in the economy and society in general. Now that society and the economy are changing faster than ever before, the education sector must respond in an inventive and efficient manner – particularly when one considers the more flexible approaches to funding.

How does your institution contribute to the knowledge economy in ‘innovative Netherlands’?

Onderwijs voor de 21e eeuw

Agile and competence-based

Professions for which people are currently being trained could disappear in fifteen years' time, because needs in the employment market are changing so quickly, partly due to technological developments. The life cycle of companies is also becoming shorter, and earnings models are changing quickly. Increasingly flexible work arrangements are also calling for students and learning institutions to possess a certain degree of flexibility. Is your organisation agile enough to address these quickly changing competencies? How do you help employees to participate in life-long learning?

Partnerships in regional ecosystem

To make the education system more agile and competence-based, all parties in the sector will have to cooperate in a centralised education setting. Do you know which regional parties could help you to realise your strategic objectives within a partnership? We are familiar with the regional ecosystem as well as the financial and fiscal consequences of being involved in partnerships.

We are able to assist you

We offer services in the field of accountancy, advisory, legal, tax and HR. Which social benefits do you want to offer? The answer to this question will be used as a basis to determine your strategy. This strategy will then be used to transform your organisation and your partnerships with regional parties. We will formulate measurable goals, e.g. about education quality, and assist you with transparent reporting, taxes and sources of funding. We will work with you to create an excellent education system which creates genuine value in today's innovative society.

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