SWIFT Customer Security Programma

PwC's knowledge of SWIFT is unrivalled. We have carried out annual evaluations of SWIFT for more than 10 years, in accordance with the internationally-recognised ISAE3000 rules.

Proven results with comparable projects

PwC has carried out countless SWIFT security audits across the globe. This means we have a proven approach and the knowledge necessary to guarantee the security of the SWIFT infrastructure, while safeguarding functionality. By setting up and simulating realistic test scenarios, PwC is able to rapidly anticipate cyber attacks in a unique way.

SWIFT Customer Security Programme

Frequently Asked Questions about the SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP)

1. What is the SWIFT CSP?

SWIFT's customer security programme (CSP) aims to detect and prevent fraud by means of mandatory security checks, common initiatives and extensive security features in its products. 

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2. What is the deadline for SWIFT CSP compliance?

You must submit a certificate before the end of December 2017. You are subsequently obliged to share the results with the wider FS community from 1 January 2018, in accordance with the controls baseline.

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3. What are the 16 mandatory SWIFT CSP checks?

There are 16 mandatory checks, which principally focus on: securing your SWIFT environment, managing and limiting access, and detecting and responding to breaches.

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4. What happens to non-compliance cases?

SWIFT checks randomly-selected members of the SWIFT network, and reports all non-compliant organisations to industry regulators such as the Financial Conduct Authority.

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5. What happens if I suspect that my organisation is a target, or is breached?

It is important that you share all relevant information and that you inform SWIFT as rapidly as possible if there is a problem, to protect other organisations in the network. 

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