CSRD & Tax: touchpoints and relevance

The CSRD is primarily a reporting obligation. However, the end goal is to help companies in their sustainability transformation. As such, it will affect almost all departments within an organisation. Scoping and corporate governance questions, when is tax material, the link with other reporting and compliance matters such as carbon taxes, plastic taxes and deforestation rules and what data should (and are you allowed to) you publish on your own workforce? Not only will Legal, Tax and HR need to understand their role in this domain, also the Finance and Sustainability teams need to understand this and they will need to work together. In this webcast we will discuss the touchpoints, as well as the relevance to your function.

Target audience

We aim at everyone working in enabling functions in the tax, HR or legal field, such as Director major shareholders, CEOs, CFOs, Tax, Legal, HR or finance directors and managers.

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