Cyber security & forensic technology traineeship

Fast Track Programme

The Fast Track Traineeship Programme was developed to give the best and brightest IT specialists a solid boost right at the start of their career. The traineeship is for 16 weeks. You’ll start with acquiring a firm grounding in technology, security and consultancy skills. You’ll take part in a business trip abroad.

You’ll learn to use new tools and work on cases with trainees from different competence groups. In the meantime you’ll work on obtaining your CISSP certification.  

We will encourage and guide you throughout the traineeship so that you can turn yourself into one of the very best cyber security professionals around. To assist you during this learning process, we’ll offer relevant training and assign a buddy to guide you.

After the traineeship you start directly in the field of your choice and you work together with other specialized teams on different projects for both national and international clients. 

Then you may qualify for our 16-week cyber security & forensic technology traineeship

You can choose one of the tracks

Digital Forensics & eDiscovery

Educational background: Master Computer Sciences /Informatics, HBO Forensic IT, HBO ICT

What are you going to do:

This team solves complex data and big data issues, both Dutch and international. It does this by utilising structured, unstructured and system data. For example, an issue of a well-known magazine was leaked before the official release date and the publisher wanted to know who was responsible for the hack. In only 20 days, our team conducted a structured secret data review and solved the case with the help of special high-tech tools.


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Forensic Data Analytics

Educational background: A quantitative Master of PhD: Maths/ Physics/ Artificial Intelligence

What are you going to do:

The Forensics team uses data analysis to search for electronic traces of fraud, corruption and legal infractions and to conduct cyber security investigations. You might, for example, work on projects that involve tracking down terrorists or criminals. The team does this by monitoring and analysing vast amounts of data (from artificial intelligence to real-time analytics in the cloud) to pinpoint the responsible criminals. You will be intrigued by the story behind the data. Are you eager to make an impact in this area?

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Incident Response

Educational background: Master Computer Sciences, Master Cyber Security

What are you going to do:

As a member of this team, you will be flown in to help clients that have suffered an incident, like a data breach. For example, one client lost €300,000 because hackers had transferred the money to their own account. Our investigation showed that the hackers had had access to internal communications for several months and were able to modify transactions. This meant that they could transfer money to their own accounts. Your job in this situation is to prevent matters from getting worse and to analyse the damage.


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Identity & Access Management

Eduational backgound: HBO ICT, HBO Software Engineering, Master Computer Sciences, Master Software Engineering, Experience with programming

What are you going to do:

The PwC Digital Identity team works in a fascinating world where risk, compliance, organizational design, HR, and IT come together to ensure that only the right people have access to the right information. In the Fasttrack Identity & Access Management (IAM or Digital Identity) we require business analysts and consultants that are able to bridge the gap between the IT domain of our IT developers, and IT architects and the business. We work a lot with IAM technologies such as SailPoint, ForgeRock and CyberArk and it is likely that you will be educated to work with one or more of these leading IAM solutions from a functional / business implementation perspective. 

Everyone has an online identity, and everything is connected to everyone. In this team, you will be creating a personal, seamless and secure user experience across online and physical touch points for customers and partners of our clients. You will also be on a variety of projects where you improve the time to service and usability for employees to get access to critical data and systems. Last but not least, you will be controlling access to company sensitive data to prevent fraud and protect intellectual property. You are the spider in the web who connects everything for everyone and who makes organizations cyber secure, leaving no chance for hackers to enter in the first place.

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Cyber Security Consulting

Educational background: Master Systems & Network Engineering/ Security Network Engineering, Master Computer Sciences, Master Cyber Security, Management, Technology 

What are you going to do:

We are looking for cyber security all-rounders to join this team. Are you eager to know everything there is to know about cyber security, and would you like to have training in a wide range of disciplines? As a member of the Security Network Engineering team, you’ll become an expert in cloud engineering, cyber security analytics, offensive security, security engineering and network engineering.

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Offensive Security Services & Ethical Hacking

Educational background: Master Systems & Network Engineering/ Security Network Engineering, Master Computer Sciences, Master Cyber Security

What are you going to do:

In this team, you'll try to break into a client’s security system, for example by hacking it, so that they can validate and improve their security. This team might, for example, be sent to a multinational that does not have its security in order. Your job will be to gain physical access to the premises and, once inside, to hack into their IT structure and shut down production. You’ll then work with the client to improve security.


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Practical information

  • Start date in 2021
  • 16-week programme leading to six valuable certifications (including CISSP)
  • Permanent contract with excellent fringe benefits (e.g. a lease car, good pension scheme, iPhone and MacBook)
  • 32 days of holiday leave annually
  • Variable bonus based on PwC’s results and your own performance

PwC’s Cyber security, Forensics & Privacy practice (CF&P)

The CF&P team focuses on creating a more secure society for major multinational and international enterprises and public sector organisations. Together with more than 150 other professionals in the Netherlands you work on leading and cutting edge projects that cover the entire cyber security spectrum. From ethical hacking to threat detection and forensic investigation, from prevention to solving cyber crime, from privacy, compliance, policy and governance, security architecture and implementation to identity and access management.

Want more information about our CF&P practice? Take a look at our our competences.

Who are you?

Do you want to make an impact, are you tech savvy, digital driven, analytically strong and curious? And, do you feel genuinely interested in cyber security? Then you are the ideal candidate.

Kick-start your cyber security career. Check our requirements and apply:

  • You have completed a higher professional or university programme (BA or MA) in IT (as your main subject or area of specialisation, e.g. Software Engineering, Information Science, Information Technology, Cyber security)
  • You speak fluent English
  • You are a team player and can perform under extreme pressure
  • You are genuinely interested in cyber security, forensic IT, privacy and/or identity & access management


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