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Workingstudent within Indirect Tax

As a working student, you can join one of the following teams that make up our Indirect Tax Business Unit. If you are not yet able to make a choice for one of the teams, it is also possible - in consultation - to take a look at two teams.

Indirect Tax

Customs and International Trade (Rotterdam, Eindhoven)

Within the Customs department, you advise national and international clients on the customs and excise consequences of international trade. You will come into contact with the goods flows and logistics processes of companies and offer (substantive and/or technological) solutions to problems that our clients have when it comes to customs. Our work is very diverse and internationally oriented and is also very topical given the different geopolitical strains in the field of international trade.


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Financial Services (Amsterdam)

Our Financial Services team is the leading team in the Netherlands. Within FS, you will work on various VAT issues for national and international insurers, pension funds/administrators, banks and other financial institutions. Many of our clients perform VAT-exempt services and therefore have a limited right to deduct the VAT they have to pay on the goods and services they purchase. We therefore help our clients to optimise their VAT position, e.g. by means of advice and data analysis.


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Middle Market & Public Services (Utrecht, Eindhoven, Groningen)

The MM-PS team is characterised by a great diversity of activities in both the private and public sector, which means that no two days are the same. Within the private sector, we focus on national and international clients in the Middle Market segment who often have most of their activities in the Netherlands. Within the public sector, we advise municipalities, provinces, other public authorities, as well as hospitals and foundations. These institutions often have to deal with a limited right to VAT deduction for the goods and services they purchase. We therefore help these clients to optimise their VAT position, e.g. by means of advice and data analysis.


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Public Interest Entities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam)

The PIE team focuses on large (mostly listed) multinationals that have activities within Europe or all over the world. The diversity of clients within the PIE team is therefore enormous and varies from clients from America to Asia and across sectors such as technology, pharma, agrifood, consumables, energy & utilities and many more. The PIE team is also regularly involved in large international mergers and acquisitions, where we work together with colleagues from tax or other disciplines.


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Real Estate (Amsterdam)

Our Real Estate team is one of the leading teams in the Netherlands. We specialise in the VAT and transfer tax aspects of the purchase, development, operation and sale of real estate, as well as its restructuring. We advise developers, constructors, users, investors and other real estate operators. Characteristic of the work within the Real Estate team is the close cooperation with our colleagues in corporate income tax and property valuation.


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Technology, Process & Control (Amsterdam)

The TPC team brings together VAT and technology. We help multinationals to translate the VAT rules into the ERP system of these companies. We do so using various technological solutions, such as implementing a tax engine. In addition, we deal with data analysis and statistical sampling of our customers' VAT records. Based on the results of the data analysis, you identify the risks and optimisation possibilities and you actively work with the client to improve the processes and structure of the administration.


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Value Chain Transformation (Amsterdam)

The focus of the VCT team is on large transformation projects for international clients. We advise clients on the design of new business models and help with the implementation. We also assist clients in implementing new ERP systems. Although VAT is an important part of these projects, they also involve many other aspects. That is why we often work with other Tax colleagues and with colleagues from Advisory on our projects. In the VCT team, we also focus on M&A activities and you have the opportunity to participate in due diligence projects.

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