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People & Organisation

Within People & Organisation, you will perform a wide variety of duties within sixteen specialist areas that frequently collaborate with each other:

Change Management and Communications

You will help organisations to formulate an achievable change strategy in which the corporate values are in line with the employees' values. Amongst other activities, you will clearly explain the need for change, make people aware of the challenges that change will bring, mobilise supporters to realise change within the organisation, assess the impact of the change and how well prepared the organisation is for it.

Employment Law

Employment Law professionals offer legal and strategic advice encompassing the entire spectrum of employment law. Amongst other duties, you will review and/or rewrite employment contracts or work on employment issues relating to the sale or takeover of an organisation, such as dismissal and transfer of employees. You will also give advice regarding new contracts, policy regulations, HR management or termination of employment contracts, including the minimisation of risks and severance pay.

Employment Tax & Benefits

This department focuses on tax planning, compliance and risk management in relation to employee pay and benefits and employers' obligations such as deduction of personal income tax and national insurance contributions. You will give organisations insight into the tax risks they are running and provide advice on tax-control frameworks and issues such as executive-pay policy, fringe benefits and expenses claims.

Global Mobility

Within this department, you will handle all of the issues involved with having an international team of employees, such as deployment of foreign employees to the Netherlands and vice versa, and employees who travel abroad on a daily or weekly basis. You will not only focus on international wage-withholding tax and income tax, but also social insurance contributions and immigration specialisms.


You will help organisations to achieve an effective HR process, which will ensure skilled employees, clear processes and performance management, applied technology and effective and insightful data analysis. You will consult on issues such as transforming HR service organisations into people service organisations, outsourcing of HR processes, and cutting costs/boosting efficiency of HR organisations.

HR technology

You will give advice on various HR technologies that serve as the driving force behind organisational transformation. You will ensure that employees fully embrace new or existing systems such as Workday, Oracle HCM and SAP SuccessFactors. You will help businesses to simplify their decentralised HR systems and applications in the cloud and integrate their HR technology with internal and external systems such as the payroll administration or LinkedIn.


You will help organisations with change processes, starting with the transformation of their leaders. By making the leaders of organisations aware of their own values and how their values impact behaviour and organisational culture, you enable them to successfully and sustainably implement their predetermined change plans. You help these leaders to boost their flexibility, awareness and responsibility in order to manage the strategic transformation(s) that their organisations are undergoing.

Organisation design

You will help organisations to create efficient performance and pay structures that run parallel to the business strategy and encourage employees to give their all. You will advise organisations involved in changes of strategic direction and mergers/takeovers involving a change of structure, management or management responsibilities. You will also help to manage costs via restructuring, centralisation and/or sourcing.

Organisational culture

You will help organisations to create an organisation culture that supports their strategy and conveys what they stand for. You will analyse the DNA of organisations – both the values of the individuals and the contextual factors that influence behaviour – and get the company moving towards the desired change.

Pension, Actuarial & Insurance Services

Pension, Actuarial & Insurance Services (PAIS) professionals are responsible for international pension affairs. You will help workers who work or have worked in other parts of the globe. You will also focus on the value of companies' pension obligations, the financial impact of pensions during mergers and/or takeovers and the impact of this for employees.

People Analytics and Insight

You will help organisations to give clear insight into their HR data. You will give advice on entering into strategic dialogues with business leaders on the impact of the existing or future personnel policy. You will also calculate the consequences of scenarios or interventions and give businesses a better grip on HR aspects such as staff turnover or engagement.

People in Deals

You will advise organisations who are on the verge of a merger, takeover, divestment, integration, sale or flotation. You will help them to realise the transaction, business/strategic transformation or reorganisation. You will ensure that during the period of change, the organisation works in accordance with a deadline-driven process and achieves the predetermined goals successfully and on time.

People Strategy

You will advise organisations on how they can attract and retain the right talent. You will help them to elaborate their business strategy into an effective people strategy or review existing HR strategies following changes to the business strategy (e.g. following a merger or takeover). You will also advise organisations regarding global talent mobility with an eye toward globalisation and technological developments.

Retirement and Pensions

You will advise organisations regarding their pension scheme(s) and discuss issues such as costs, obligations, HR aspects, relationships with other terms of employment, and risks relating to the pension scheme(s). This can be done during periods of either stability or change.


You will work on issues such as executive pay and investigating retention plans and you must know how best to keep directors at the company, including on the international stage. You will develop pay strategies and other systems to support organisational objectives, you will boost performance and you will create value for shareholders.

Workforce Capability

You will help organisations to gain insight into the needs of the organisation throughout the entire employee life cycle: attracting, retaining, motivating, training and developing employees and boosting their commitment to the company. Your advice will ensure that organisations employ the right people with the right skills in the right positions at the right time for the right price.

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