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What does PwC have to offer you?

PwC's terms of employment enable you to work on your professional and personal development whenever you wish.

Work-life balance

It is vital to us that employees strike the right balance between their work life and personal life. We therefore allow our employees to work part-time or temporarily/permanently adjust the number of hours they work per week. We also allow employees to flexibly arrange their working week.

Leave arrangements

PwC offers a number of specific leave arrangements that allow you to combine work with family obligations. For example, PwC has a special paternity-leave arrangement that enables optimal flexibility. You can choose a short or long period of leave or opt to spread it out across the year. After your partner gives birth, you will be entitled to ten days of paid paternity leave (in contrast to the statutory two-day paternity-leave period). PwC also operates an extensive care-leave arrangement to enable employees to care for young children or sick family members. Employees who work a 40-hour week, have been employed for at least two years and who wish to reduce their working hours by 80% in order to care for a child or sick family member will continue to receive 90% of their salary. If a meeting with or an urgent assignment for a client falls on one of your days off, then any expenses for a babysitter or childcare will be reimbursed.

Job description and pay

Your salary depends partly on your performance and development. In this way, PwC seeks to reward results, value unique talent and promote internal advancement. A bonus scheme also applies to all employees, which is based partly on the company's performance and partly on your performance.

Performance, coaching and development

A competency profile has been drawn up for every position, describing the specific knowledge and skills you must possess in order to fulfil the function to the required standard. With the aid of our performance, coaching and development system, you can easily monitor your development and progress in acquiring the requisite knowledge and skills for this next step in your career.

Holiday entitlement

Depending on your position, you will have either 30 or 32 days' holiday each year. However, we are also very flexible in this regard, for example, you can also take unpaid leave or buy/sell a number of days' holiday every year.


One of the fringe benefits for most positions at PwC is the use of a company car in combination with an NS business card, although you can also opt for a very generous mobility allowance or a public transport chip card. We operate an extremely extensive company-car scheme with a vast range of options. For example, you can order a company car of your choice or select a standard model under highly beneficial terms. We also offer a wide range of options with regard to the duration of the lease contract. After all, you need to get to work, but you also need to minimise your impact on the environment. That is why our company-car scheme encourages you to choose a more economical or electric car.

Reimbursement of travel expenses

If you are not eligible for a company car, then you are entitled to an untaxed travel allowance. You can choose from either an allowance of € 0.19 for every kilometre travelled during your commutes (limited to a maximum one-way travelling distance of 75km per day) or a NS business card (valid from monday to friday). You can also participate in the company bicycle scheme, which provides you with a bicycle and an untaxed allowance for maintenance costs.

Company fitness scheme

At PwC, you receive a discount if you take out a subscription to a gym.

Study-leave schemes

Your development is paramount at PwC. For this reason, it is important to us that you are motivated to continually work on your professional and personal development. We offer a study scheme that allows you to take a wide variety of internal and external study programmes and training courses. PwC will pay for these courses and allow you to complete a proportion of your studies during working hours.

PwC Professional development

Your development is an important priority for PwC. To achieve our purpose and strategic vision, we want to equip you with a skills set that will enable you to answer the various issues of our customers and society. Our Learning & Development offer helps you to fulfill your development goals through a variety of learning options from which you can choose. Not only in the technical field, but also in other areas such as leadership development and the development of broad relationship skills. We offer you a lot of learning opportunities in your career at PwC that will enable you to develop yourself and add value to our customers.

Collective insurance

PwC employees and their families are eligible to participate in a variety of collective insurance schemes at a discount rate, including car insurance, travel and baggage insurance and health insurance.


Naturally, PwC also operates an excellent pension scheme. Every year, PwC makes a certain premium available to invest in a pension, the amount of which is based on your age and income. You can choose for yourself where your premiums are invested in order to maximise your pension benefits.

PwC's General Terms of Employment are subject to change.

The terms of employment above are therefore for informative purposes only. More detailed terms of employment are specified in the individual vacancies.

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