Application procedure

How can I get a job with PwC?

Have you seen a vacancy that would be perfect for your professional development and are you wondering what to do now? If so, simply read the following road map to a PwC contract.

Apply online

The first step in the PwC application procedure is an online application. In your application, make sure it is evident you have done your homework on PwC and that the vacancy will contribute to your professional development. A recruiter will assess your CV and cover letter and will contact you to complete an online assessment. He or she will also explain the various stages in the application process. If you have any questions at this point, feel free to ask the recruiter who is mentioned in the specific job description.


Depending on the vacancy, we may invite you to complete an assessment. This could be conducted at an external agency, or it may be an online assessment made up of questions that assess your personality and skills. Your answers to the personality questionnaire give an impression of how you tend to respond in all kinds of different situations. We focus on a number of aspects in order to assess how successful you would be at the job, such as how well you work together with others, how curious you are to learn new things and how well you forge relationships with your clients and colleagues. As your job will require excellent verbal, mathematical and inductive skills, these aspects will also be assessed. The recruiter will then phone you to discuss the results and let you know if you have progressed to the interview stage.


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Interviews with professional colleagues

During the first introductory interview, you will meet a number of potential future colleagues from the field that you are seeking to join. After all, as much as we want to get to know you, it's also vital that you get to know us too. For this reason, you will always talk to professionals working for PwC during the interview. The conversation could address anything from your day-to-day duties at PwC to what you do in your free time. However, the interview is not a one-way dialogue: you can also ask any questions you may have, so make sure you carefully prepare them. You will also attend a second interview with a partner and a manager of the group that you are seeking to join. During this interview, they will examine your skills and expectations in greater detail.

Offer of a contract

If the interviews and assessment (if applicable) show that you are the most suitable candidate for the job, we will gladly offer you a contract. One condition for employment contracts at PwC is that you undergo pre-employment screening via DSI (our independent screening partner) with regard to the following aspects: identity, qualifications, work experience, possession of a Certificate of Good Conduct, and personal solvency.

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