Diversity means greater quality

The success of our organization depends completely on the quality and diversity of our people. Surprising insights and innovative and unconventional solutions to our customers arise from a combination of views, cultures, knowledge and experiences. At PwC we want to recognize and appreciate those differences. That's why diversity is one of our strategic priorities.

Be yourself. Be different.

PwC pursues an inclusive culture in which we embrace diversity. Including means that everyone feels involved and appreciated - notwithstanding but due to the differences. This creates space for varied qualities and perspectives. We need to solve the problems of customers and build trust. We appreciate the diversity of our people, in backgrounds and areas of interest. Simply because it leads to the most beautiful solutions.

Quality through diversity

The great diversity of our professionals enables us to provide the very best services and advice. It is also important to us that the team of advisors we employ is as diverse and representative as the hugely varied range of clients we serve. When seeking new talent, we always examine whether you can add something in this regard. PwC professionals can take part in special workshops and training courses, such as 'Multicultural Professionalism', 'Female Leadership' and the 'New Parents' programme for first-time parents.


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There are a vast range of networks within PwC that make a very active contribution to our organisation's inclusive culture, such as PwC Women NL, disAbility, the Gay & Lesbian Network, Connected Cultures and YoungPwC.

  • PwC Women NL
    PwC Women NL is the network of female PwC professionals. It organises many activities focusing on the enrichment of knowledge and the maintenance, reinforcement and expansion of internal and external networks.
  • disAbility
    disAbility is the network for PwC's people with a labor challenge, the management and other interested parties. This network helps to attract and tie people with a labor challenge to the organization. The network wants to help new colleagues with a job challenge at a good start and in the course of their career.
  • Gay, Lesbian and Everybody Else Network
    The Gay, Lesbian and Everybody Else Network is a network for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual PwC professionals. The network promotes diversity in the workplace to ensure everyone feels at home and in which everybody's sexual preference is accepted.
  • Connected Cultures
    Connected Cultures seeks to raise awareness and understanding of the different cultural backgrounds of PwC's professionals and clients and to bring together these different cultures. This network also encourages greater diversity in the higher organisational levels by contributing to the advancement of multicultural talent within PwC.
  • YoungPwC
    YoungPwC gives young employees the opportunity to network and share knowledge and experience. The experience and tips provided by their colleagues greatly benefits young PwC professionals and helps them achieve their ambitions within PwC.

In addition to PwC's own internal network, PwC also actively seeks to attract new talent externally. For example, we are a signatory of Talent to the Top, an agreement regarding how we can increase and maintain the participation and advancement of women in the workforce. We are also partners of CAP100, the Professional Boards Forum, LOF, Opportunity in Bedrijf (Opportunity in Business) and WorkplacePride.

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