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Mona de Boer

Partner of Data & Technology

Mona de Boer is never happier than when she is working on innovation. This is the drive that has led to her achieving so much at PwC, where she has worked since 2003. But leaving aside her current role as Partner of Data & Technology, who is Mona? She is a lecturer, conducts doctoral research, is a member of a professional association and the mother of two children. ‘Innovation has always taken me to the next level in life.’

‘I'm endlessly curious about how things work. To me, innovation is about much more than technology and software alone. It's how people behave that interests me the most. So you can imagine that in my job, literally no two days are the same.’

Innovation with Artificial Intelligence

'How can we help our clients to achieve success with innovative technology? That's a question I ask myself every day, and answering it involves a number of rules of play, which we refer to as ‘responsible AI’. This is illustrated by a project where we used deep learning techniques to develop a model for a food retailer that identifies clear patterns in large datasets. I enjoy putting into practice new technologies that haven't yet been fully tried and tested. And that's exactly what my team and I – together with the client – have done for this project. The result? Patterns emerged that really helped the customer. Demonstrating that Artificial Intelligence adds value and presents actual solutions is something that gives me a lot of energy.’

‘Get comfortable with change.’

Mona de Boer Partner of Data & Technology

Completely different and yet the same

‘Moving tomorrow's world forward together, that's what we stand for at PwC. I'm proud of the team of twenty that I lead together with a colleague. We all have a different background and education. One is a physicist, the other an auditor or a biomedical scientist. I like to look at how to put those differences to good use in our innovative projects. Are we talking about the right things? What we all have in common is our drive to try out new things in our field. Innovating also means patience and perseverance. I feel it's important to have an open and transparent relationship with all the team members. In other words: to create a safe environment where nothing needs to be left unsaid. It's up to me and my colleague to coach them and make sure their knowledge stays up to date.’

Locking onto development

‘The university has formed the common thread throughout my career. I like doing research, and teaching gives me a lot of energy. That’s why I teach alongside my daily work and help with the curricula of auditors. I’m also spending a lot of time on my PhD research just now. PwC gives me all the space and support I need to develop broadly. Of course, you're expected to come up with your own initiatives and justify your development needs. I believe that continuous learning is becoming the new standard, both in our private and professional lives. And at PwC, you're given every opportunity to continue to grow in your specialist field.'